New Website

We have decided to run the AIRPI year from September to September, it seems to make more sense, …we ‘ll try it for size, at any rate. So this September 24th at 2pm (venue TBC) will see the first of our year’s activities, a combined meeting to elect a new committee, along with the launch of our brand new…WEBSITE! It’s been a while coming , but it’s finally here, and looking mighty fine, I must say. Lots of new features, clarity of layout, and ease of navigation. Please get in touch with your updated info, and we’ll do our best to incorporate before it goes live. Well done to Orla Kirwan from Hopscotch Multimedia who did a fantastic job creating it.

New Committee

We are operating as a committee of three at the moment, which is very pleasant and efficient, but we would welcome new committee members to share what can occasionally be a large, but very fulfilling workload. Average of 6 meeting a year, with a small stipend for expenses, and free membership of AIRPI. So if you feel you would like to do a tour of duty, we want to hear from you. We will use 24th to elect new officers if there are more than we need (…form an orderly queue … ; )

Little John Nee Workshop - Sept 24th at The Loft in Fumbally Stables

The award winning, and hugely talented writer and actor Little John Nee, has very kindly agreed to present a workshop on sound design in radio drama for us. His show “Sparkplug” won him an Irish Times Award for sound design while the RTE radio version of the play won a Prix Italia Award. Check out his website


We’ve also extended our competition deadline to October 30th, and it’s a chance to win a lovely new Zoom recorder, courtesy of Big Bear Sound. If it bypassed your radar, here are the deets again:

Short doc or drama, 2:45 – 3:15 minutes.
Theme -  ‘The Shift’ 
Rules - Open to current members, fit the duration above, can’t have been broadcast previously.
Each entry MUST end with a question - how you interpret this is up to you.
Send a streaming link or MP3 to
Entries will be judged by a special guest panel and the winner played at our next amazing event.

In The Dark

We also have a fabulous event earmarked for early November. The brilliant IN THE DARK team, from BBC Bristol, are coming to share their wonderfulness with us. They are an amazing bunch, and their wisdom, fun, and huge imaginations are inspiring and entertaining in equal measures. We’ll keep you posted about the details.