The Association of Independent Radio Producers Ireland

AIRPI is the representative body of Irish audio producers. We support and promote the work of radio makers, sound artists, music producers, podcasters and other professionals working with sound. We offer regular training, networking and entertainment events and work to build links between audio producers and funding bodies and commissioning editors nationally and internationally.

Growth and development of independent audio production

We support and promote the work of audio producers in Ireland through training, networking and specialist advice. We extend ties with the BAI and other funding bodies.

Workshops and training

We provide regular workshops with acclaimed international producers and offer training to our members to inspire them in their creative work.

Networking Opportunities

We offer opportunities for members to meet and share stories, skills and information. By connecting fellow audio producers, we facilitate a supportive independent audio community.

Member Showcase and Support

Our members have many different skills and experiences. We highlight these through our member search, podcast and listening sessions. We offer advice on legal and business matters and discounts on equipment.

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